bored?! check this links out yo!


no asians

Actually a good example why there are so many bad thoughts: simple misunderstoodment


have you ever had a dream like this?

yeah man I did


annette schmitt

website I did for the lovely Annette


fizzy fruit

did this once for a party - freakin cool


the birth of a wooden house

from the scratch by the hand


lock the taskbar

catchy shit


tomek lebt

campaign for the red cross germany, testimonial


why should we go to mars?

this is what unconditional passion looks like *goose bumps*


history of the entire world, i guess

I've learned from this video, more than the entire time in school *lol*


do you need to be an dick to be a successful leader?

nah, man!


bart sad

good simpsonswave tune


alice pogo



psychology of fish - bowl inside tank experiment

good example for the human mindset as well


how to get a song in the charts

sums it up pretty well


dolphins on drugs

gettin high af


4th dimension

<3 carl sagan


I took too much

monday, 4am @ berghain